Video Games ads in the 90s.

The Bestest Worser Ads -- More Worst Of Videogame Ads from

Growing up in the 90s  I was an avid video game magazine reader. I remember going to the local supermarket and snatching the latest copy of Game Pro or EGM getting home and reading every single page. Later on I became  (early  N64 days) I became  a Nintendo Power  guy,  I still remember Nintendo sending me promo  VCR tapes  of the latest games to get  you all  hyped up. If you were lucky you may even get a 5 bucks off coupon in there. Let's not forget the free Game Guides they threw in there when you subscribed. Man those were the days, I'm, telling you..

Besides all the fond memories these magazines left me, one of the most interesting things in these magazines were the gaming ads in them. From weird, to right down lame there was something for everyone.

Today I stumble this great feature on where they highlight the "The Bester Worser Ads" from the video gaming days of the 90s. Truly a walk down memory lane...

Anyone remember the Killer Instinct ad from the SNES days where u had to fold the two pages and then the text then said "Kiss My Ass" ? What did that have to do with the game? Absolutely nothing, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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