Campioni del Mondo!

Italy, after going to penalty shootout with France, won the 2006 Germany World Cup today. FIFA's Official Site reports:

Italy are world champions for the fourth time after beating ten-man France 5-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in Berlin's Olympiastadion on Sunday, 9 July 2006. Twelve years after losing to Brazil in the first shoot-out in a FIFA World Cup Final, Italy made up for that heartbreak as all five men in blue converted their kicks to claim world football's greatest prize for the first time since 1982..

I must say it was an entertaining game, worthy match of a final stage between to good teams. Personally, I would've liked France to it home, but Italy won the match faie and square.

Zidane's red car may have weaken the French team's spirit, but then again, Zidane's attitude was not something one expected from a good expierenced international player like himself. France had some chances to finish Italy off, but as we can all see, they didn't happen. Italy played good for the regulatory 90 minutes, duing the extra 30 they seemed tired and they really didn't create many chances for themselves. That been said, I'm pretty sure both teams were looking to define a winner within the 90 minutes, they weren't counting on a penalty shootout.

So there it is, 4 years of waiting gone in a month. Germany hosted a great World Cup, many memorable matches, goals and figures all left in the memory of football fans.  A great  Cup, not many things to say really besides congrats to Italy and let us now look foward to South Africa 2010.

Forza Italia.

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