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As I sat here surfing away on my Mac while listening to my music in iTunes, I started to think how much my library of music has changed with the times. Seems like yesterday have 700 MBs of mp3s was something worthy of noting, nowadays that's barely anything. Looking at the bottom of my iTunes window, I can see the following stats, (excluding podcasts and videos):

1454 items, 7.7 days, 16.21 GB

Wow talk about crazy uh? Man I remember when I had like 30 Mp3s and I as content with that, now look at me. Truth is, I enjoy music, and I believe that enjoying some good music while you sit in front of your computer has become an integral part of the experience

Looking around online I found this pretty cool page that analyzes your iTunes library and then creates a short mix "signature" and uploads it. Pretty cool, I tried it with 50 songs and the results are pretty interesting.

Take a listen to my signature and while you are there try it out yourself as well.

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