RAZR to come in lime green flavour

The Motorola RAZR just doesn't quit making news; obviously Moto's pride and joy isn't finished making the rounds across the color spectrum just yet. It looks like lime (or pistachio) green is up next, though it's still unclear if this one will even make it stateside. It should be noted that the color really is the only new "feature" we yet know of, but we're sure the hype will follow; new ways to spin the RAZR just keep coming, even with its successor inevitably on the horizon. We'll be interested to see which provider(s) add to their portfolio Moto's darling in yet another color.

Lime green RAZR in the mix - Engadget Mobile

We can all see Motorola knows how to milk succesful products for what they are worth very well. On that note, they will be introudicing the Lime Green RAZR edition. Not to bad I must say, kinda has that VW New Beetle Green color to it..

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