Numa Numa, to make a return?

I think we can all remember the Numa Numa Internet phenomenon. The net-famous video had this guy lip-syncing to the song  Dragostea din Tei by Moldovan pop band O-Zone (thank you Wikipedia article) all captured in crappy grainy quality a web cam can give you.

Well it seems that Numa Numa kid (20 years-old Gary Brolsma) is set to make a comeback and reclaim his Internet celebrity status this fall. Over at a message reads on the front page:

Coming Soon! The return of Gary Brolsma, the Numa Numa Kid, in his new video, "New Numa."
New Numa is set to be released worldwide this fall. Stay tuned for more information!

So he's coming back, maybe hes got some sponsors now? Is he looking forward to getting some bucks in his pockets? I'm pretty sure some random company has approached the guy at one point or another. Don't underestimate the power of the Internet celebrity status, I say. Maybe he's going to jump into the whole video podcast thing going on these days...

Whatever it may be, I salute you Numa Numa kid for your celebrity status, and those minutes of humor you have brought into my life. Looking forward to his new "projects".

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