Tooble - Save YouTube Vids to Your iPod

They are plenty of alternatives to the popular question in many people's mind: "How can I get YouTube videos into my iPod?" PodTube, TubeSock, Ares Tube on the PC,  something-Pod, or something-Tube, there's plenty to choose from. Problem is, some of them are payware, some are limited-demos, and some just plain suck.

Meet Tooble. Developed by a pair of high school kids, Tooble offers the ability to transfer YouTube vids to your iPod with an easy-to-use interface and most importantly, its free. It does rely on the wonders of Perian to make its magic happen (transcode .flv to .m4v). Should you not have Perian installed on your Mac, you are given the chance to download and install it on the first-run of Tooble.

As a free alternative Tooble works very well, matter of fact, it works better than some pay-for alternatives. So if you have a Mac, and you are looking for a way to move that evil squirrel look into your iPod, give Tooble a try!

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