TUAW's Fake Apple Invite Contest.

Yesterday The Unnoficial Apple Weblog, or TUAW if your acronym inclined, announced the grand winner of their fake Apple invite contest. The contest was set around you creating a fake Apple event media invite for an event to be held on Feb. the 22nd. More than 150 entries were submitted, only one was deemed worthy of the grand prize.

Bad news, I didn't win. Not that I really care, it was more of a fun photoshop exercise than anything. Good news, I made it to the 20 finalists for the contest. No bad uh? Guess that my home-made photoshop skills are up to get some attention out there lol.

Heres the Flickr gallery with all 20 finalists and the grand winner. http://flickr.com/photos/tuaw/sets/72057594069327414/

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