Apple Product Announcements.

The Intel Mac Mini

Engadget reports:

It should come as no surprise that the first thing Apple announced at today's event was a revamped Mac mini. And while the updated diminutive computer may not be the Mac media center many had hoped for, it does have Apple's Front Row media management software, and comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo versions, which Apple says makes the machine anywhere from 2.5 to 3 times faster than the G4 version...

My Take:
Good to hear Apple keeps moving their computer line to intel ahead of schedule. Having said that, the use on intel integrated graphics (eek!) may turn away some potential buyers. The lack of DVR software, may dissapoint some people. Regardless I believe this machine as it is, blows the old mac mini in peformance in every aspect.

iPod Hi-Fi

iLounge reports:

Today's big announcement from Apple? A premium iPod speaker system called iPod Hi-Fi ($349), a white box with rounded corners and a removable black fabric front grille. Inside the grille are three very large drivers - two 80mm mid-range speakers and one 130mm central bass speaker (a dual voice coil woofer), flanked by an Infrared sensor and a small light to indicate status. The light shines through the grille when you control the system from a distance with an Apple Remote, which is included in the box.

My Take:
Way to expensive for what it offers. Basically a pair of speakers with an iPod dock. The added functionality with the iPod is nice, like full screen album art and charging, however nothing ground breakig. Regarding audio quality, iLounge reported - "Audio quality? We don’t ever like to comment on this until we’ve done straight comparisons, but it was evident in each of Apple’s four demo rooms that the Hi-Fi is capable of revealing flaws in compressed audio - good for audiophiles, perhaps less so for average people or those accustomed to iTunes Music Store downloads."

Apparently the quailty is good, so good it makes AAC 128kbps audio look bad? Who knows, but those are the first impressions on the iPod Hi-Fi.

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