PowerBook stuck on an endless loop

Yesterday I applied the latest updates available from Apple to my PowerBook, and for some reason or another something went awfully wrong..

The updates that killed (temporarily) my PowerBook were: Security Update 2008-002 and the Safari 3.1 Update. After the combine 100MB+ download, Leopard asked to restart, like it always does. Thinking not much of it, I said go ahead and thats when everything went crazy..

The updates seemed to installed correctly, but one thing caught my attention: Instead of carrying out the install with the normal blue background, it was been done with the Leopard "cosmic" backdrop, "Odd".. I thought..

It took a while to restart..and then grey Apple screen, a restart, grey Apple screen, a restart, so on and so forth. Things didn't look good at all. Couldn't boot into Single User Mode, nor Verbose Mode. Things were definitely looking bad. Left it as it was overnight, decided to deal with it later on the next day.

Today I got my OSX Disk out and booted off the DVD. Did the usual repair disk/permissions savior moves, no dice. Only thing left to do... Archive and Install..

So I went ahead and took that route and I gotta say I'm happily back home. Sure I gotta install a crap load of updates again, and today, my internet is acting extremely SLOOOOOWWW. Nevertheless, its god to be back within OSX with all my files and apps intact.

What cause this? I am not too sure. I would say that mysterious "Safe Mode" boot that happened once out of nowhere had something to do with it. Hopefully it was just "one of those days.." Lets see if when I update back again everything is nice and dandy..

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